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We are a Complementary Therapy Service based in North Northumberland. There is a clinic at Holy Island and we offer a mobile service on Holy Island and surrounding country and towns including Berwick, Wooler and Belford. We will consider travelling further afield e.g. to Bamburgh, Seahouses or Beadnell for a small travel charge and a minimum treatment time of 2 hours. We treat many holidaymakers in our local area and this allows people holidaying in the popular coastal resorts to use us too.

We also offer corporate services including treatments, seminars and workshops. We have a network of therapists to call on for corporate work.

Our therapist, Mary Gunn, specialises in massage therapy and is trained to an advanced level in Remedial and Sports Massage. She also offers Reiki healing and relaxation massage for those seeking a gentler experience.

We hope you enjoy our website, why not look at the services we offer or get in touch.

The Professional Standards Authority (PSA)

The PSA sets standards for health and social care occupations including complementary healthcare. This scheme was set up by the Department of Health and is accountable to Parliament. As a member of the FHT we are proud to be on its accredited register.

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Recent News from Holy Island Holistics

Lockdown Lessons

During these strange times what have you learned from our enforced lockdown? I've learned that I need regular massages to keep aches and pains at bay!

As a massage therapist I've always practiced what I've preached and met up regularly with my therapist friends to swap treatments. This had to stop with lockdown and after about three weeks I felt the first niggles. I've been self treating and stretching but its not the same as getting a good deep workover.

The bones in our joints show wear and tear as we get older and the muscles that cross the joint have to work harder to keep the joint functioning properly. Hard worked muscles get stressed developing knots which cause us pain. A deep massage does a grand job of breaking up knots and adhesions keeping the muscle fibres free moving. Stretching helps but it can't remove knots like massage can.

So why not include a regular massage as part of your maintenance routine. You'll feel so much better for it. I can't wait for my next one.

Mary Gunn, 6th May 2020

Spinal Manipulation

I've been practising manipulation on family and friends for the last few months after completing a very interesting course in spinal manipulation and I'm now ready to include it, when necessary, in my remedial and sport massage treatments.

Massage and manipulation are very ancient therapies and are regarded as safe. Upper neck manipulations have raised some concerns recently but my training is from the base of the neck downwards so I do not do these.

My remedial and sports massage has always included mobilisations and manipulation is simply a high speed mobilisation. I have a toolbox of various techniques that I use as required in my treatments. Manipulation is now part of this toolbox to be used only when indicated by assessment and with permission as not everyone wants to be manipulated.

Mary Gunn, 2nd January 2019

A serious hand injury

Sometimes a clients treatments stand out partly because they were unusual and partly because they produced such a good result.

My most memorable treatment this past year was definitely the lady whose hand had gone into an industrial roller, crushing some fingers and tearing the skin on the hand requiring skin grafts. She came to me ten weeks after the accident when her consultant had referred her to physiotherapy. She was religiously doing her physio exercises but felt she needed some "hands on" work.

Her hand was grey and my first treatment concentrated on getting the blood flowing as well as mobilising anything that would move. There was a pink flush after. On the second treatment I started breaking down the thick ridges of scar tissue. Emboldened by success I did increasingly deep tissue work for six sessions. The results were remarkable. The hand she thought she was going to lose became useful again and six months after the accident she was playing the piano!

The icing on the cake was when she told me her hospital were training some of the hand therapy team in deep tissue remedial massage techniques because they were so impressed with the work I did on her hand!

Mary Gunn, 26th November 2018