Thai Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is the traditional therapy that has been practised in Thailand for many centuries. Their, a regular treatment is regarded as an essential part of health and wellbeing. The treatment is carried out on a futon on the floor. There is no need to undress – the massage can be done through light, loose clothing making it accessible to more people.

Thai Yoga Massage can help people who feel stiff, sore and tired from work or sport or some disorder such as arthritis. A full massage works comprehensively through the body giving a full body workout. You should feel lighter and suppler for some time afterwards.

Thai Yoga massage consists of acupressure massage combined with stretches which lead into yoga asanas. The acupressure massage follows the main sen lines of the body. These are the energy pathways so there is an energy balancing effect which can leave you calm and contented. The firm pressure applied and repetition can also ease tight muscles making this very therapeutic. The various stretches move the joints through their range of movement and tease out the muscles that cross the joints. Some of these stretches are continued into recognised yoga positions or asanas. It is possible to passively move you into a position that you could never achieve on your own! However you will never be stretched further than your body is willing to go. The net result is a holistic treatment that works on many levels – mind, body and spirit. This is in keeping with most traditional eastern medicine systems.

Professional dancers often use this treatment to ease their tired, tight muscles. Sports people also benefit. David Beckham, who has such a balanced body, is known to favour this massage. However, this treatment is just as beneficial for the ordinary person making their everyday life much easier.

A full Thai Yoga Massage takes two hours. A one hour thirty minute treatment can give a good result but it is felt that in a shorter time the full benefits of this treatment cannot be developed. However a one hour taster session can be offered.

Thai Yoga Massage is now available in Berwick and North Northumberland from Mary Gunn of Holy Island Holistics. Following her policy of seeking out the best international trainers, Mary has trained with Simon Gall, founder of The London School of Thai Massage. Mary can offer massage at clinics at Holy Island or at your home.