Treatments overview

Here are just some of the therapies we can provide.

Remedial and Sports Massage

This is our most asked for treatment because it solves problems! It is a deep tissue massage which can be used in different ways. Remedial massage uses advanced massage techniques and mobilisations to treat problems caused by injury or illness. The aim is to relieve pain and increase mobility. A deep tissue sports massage will tone muscles and improve function for everyone not just those involved in sport! The techniques used in your treatment is based on your needs and can include other physical therapies such as stretching, manipulation and kinesio taping.

Relaxation Massage

This lighter massage aims for relaxation and wellbeing. The holistic facial massage is a deeply soothing experience which uses acupressure and lymph drainage to eliminate toxins and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. A back and head massage relaxes and reduces tension. If you want the ultimate in relaxation, a full body massage including the head and face, book in for 2 hours.


Reiki works on the energy system of the body which if unbalanced can cause physical and emotional problems. Reiki often produces a deep state of relaxation and calmness. There is no physical manipulation of soft tissue as in massage. Healing hands can be held on or close to the body depending on client preference. It can therefore appeal to people who do not like the thought of a massage or are not medically able to have one. A Reiki treatment is carried out through clothing - there is no need to undress.

Thai Yoga Massage

This is carried out on a futon on the floor with the client wearing light clothing. Acupressure massage along sen (energy) lines is combined with stretches and mobilisations leading to yoga asanas. This gives a very efficient full body workout which many dancers and athletes use as part of their maintenance routine. It is felt that the full benefits of thai yoga massage cannot be felt with anything less than a one and a half hour treatment though we do offer a one hour taster treatment. The full routine takes two hours.

Kinesio Taping

Tape is usually applied after a massage and can prolong the good effects of the massage because it is working 24/7 for up to five days. An assessment of the injury determines how the tape is applied. The support it offers enables you to continue physical activity while recovering. Taping can also be used as a stand alone treatment where it is especially useful for treating swelling.

Spinal Manipulation

These thrusts treat the joints in the spine and have a secondary effect on the surrounding muscles reducing pain and improving movement. An assessment determines which, if any, joints should be manipulated and this would usually be done after the muscles had been relaxed with massage. It is another "tool" for remedial and sports massage.

Myofascial Therapy

This advanced massage focuses on the fascia which surrounds muscles and organs and also incorporates stretches and joint mobilisations. Leading edge research emphasises the importance of a supple fascia to health and wellbeing. It is used to improve the structural alignment of the body therebye removing pain and restrictions and allowing posture to improve. One treatment will make a difference but a course of treatments is recommended to allow deeper work and show a big improvement. Our Remedial and Sports Massage always uses a lot of myofascial techniques.

Natural Face Lift Massage

Massaging the shoulders, neck and face using focussed deep tissue work has an uplifting rejuvenating effect on the face which is subtle but obvious. One treatment makes a difference but a course of six weekly treatments should produce the maximum effect which can be maintained with occasional top ups.

Indian Head Massage

This is a real stress buster! Massaging the upper back releases tension in the shoulder and neck, the head massage relieves tension headaches and the face massage induces a feeling of calmness. This treatment is carried out with the client sitting on a chair. You can remain fully clothed though baring the shoulders allows the beneficial effects of the oils to be felt.

The M Technique

This light touch massage was developed for fragile patients particularly those with terminal illnesses. It works on a neurological level bringing comfort and peace.